Here's the reality: There are more than 80,000 chemicals on the market today and most do not have any safety data.  The vast majority of beauty and healthcare products out there have lead, formaldehyde, phthalates, and tons of other ingredients that are toxic.  These environmental toxins are linked to every single health condition that we’re struggling with as a population: cancer, obesity, thyroid disease, infertility, learning disabilities, autism, allergies, asthma, heart disease, excess weight, and more.  We are inundated, today, with these toxins in a way we never have been before. 

1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer.

1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer.  This figure was 1 in 20 in the 1960's!

1 in 3 children will be diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, Allergies or Asthma.

On average, there are 13 hormone-altering cosmetic chemicals in the bodies of teenage girls.

Where do these toxins come from?

  1. Food
  2. Beauty/Body Products
  3. Cleaning products
  4. Outdoor pollutants

We know now that what goes on your skin goes in your skin.  We can no longer ignorantly apply lotions, perfumes, ointments, sprays, hair products, and creams to our bodies without thinking about the ingredients. 

You have incredible control over the first 3 items in the list above.  Managing your intake is all about managing your toxic exposure.  It's a matter of threshold for each individual.  The more you optimize sourcing your food, beauty/body products and cleaning products, the more you optimize for long-term vitality!

Yes, you can buy natural lines of health and beauty products, but there's always going to be a question about sourcing.  A natural product may list olive oil, for example, as an ingredient.  Is that olive oil organic?  Was it cold pressed or exposed to very high heat in the processing rendering it rancid?  What about the scent?  Is there synthetic fragrance added?  Essential oils?  What about the packaging?  Are your good ingredients sitting on a shelf for months at a time in a plastic that leaches these very environmental toxins mentioned above?  Just as any food distributor sources the least expensive, most available, most convenient ingredients in a food product, so will companies making beauty and health-related products.  Do you want to compromise on this?

Highest Quality

All supplies recommended and used as part of MVL are the highest quality out there.  I prioritize sourcing above all else.  I am only recommending the products that 1) I have extensively researched and 2) I use myself. 

Least Expensive

Looking back, I am certain I've spent over $5000 on products.  I wouldn't be surprised if that figure is closer to $10,000 and I am not even a major junky. 

Without a doubt, you will spend more on products that you buy from any company.  Whether you're going the natural route at a local natural foods store, a brand labeled as natural, or high-end at a department store/beauty product store, you will always pay more.  When you stock your home with the highest quality supplies and have the education to make your own products, you'll save 60-90%!! 

Made Just for You

Anything you buy in a store or online is made for the masses.  Even if you find a product labeled to suit your specific need, it's not made perfectly for you.  Perhaps the natural deodorant contains an ingredient that makes you break out, the face serum has a scent you don't like (and it's on your face all day!), the only natural sanitizing sprays you can find are stored in plastic and you know glass is safer, or there's one under eye cream for fine lines and another one for dark circles, but need help with both! 

When you source the best ingredients and learn about the properties of each, you make a product that perfectly suits your specific need, sense of smell, skin type, and texture preference.

Back to Basics

As a culture we've moved so far away from the simple acts of sourcing ingredients and making wonderful things with them.  Most of us think about food when we think of ingredients- going to the store, farmer's market or shopping online to stock our kitchens with ingredients so that we can prepare food.  Today, many of us cut corners and go for ease and convenience when it comes to our food.  Without realizing, we've done the same thing with our products.  All of the reasons why it is important to prioritize preparing and eating real food, so too is it important to focus on real ingredients. 

From Left: Shea Butter, Beeswax, Raw Cacao Butter.  These, in addition to coconut oil and a few other common ingredients, form the base for all of the products you'll make through MVL.

From Left: Shea Butter, Beeswax, Raw Cacao Butter.  These, in addition to coconut oil and a few other common ingredients, form the base for all of the products you'll make through MVL.

The Most Fun

When was the last time you took on a new creative project?  If you're as busy as most women today, you rarely make time to tap into that creative side.  But how satisfying and exhilarating is it to marvel at something you've made?  Don't you feel so accomplished?  What about the love that goes into something you created yourself?  

It's time to get back in touch with your creative side!