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1:1 Coaching:

"I had been feeling a sense of low energy, a lack of overall well-being and had an inability to lose weight. After numerous trips to the doctor, my blood work did not reveal an obvious health condition (thankfully!) but still there were no answers as to why I felt the way I did.  Around that time, a friend hosted a workshop with Deena in her home, which got me thinking about food and health differently. Not long after, I called Deena.  After carefully listening to my situation and feelings, she created a personalized plan and recommended I start with an elimination diet. Such a trial would allow me examine what I was eating and to observe if food sensitivities or allergies were effecting my condition.  And they were!  Simultaneously Deena and I embarked on a personalized re-education journey where she helped me learn, understand, and apply the practice of eating real, whole, seasonal, organic foods.  Nine months later I am feeling strong and energetic, lost weight and have developed a very different and healthier relationship with food.

I had no idea the type of transition a holistic approach to food, lifestyle and health would have on me and my family.  It is my pleasure to recommend Deena to anyone interested in exploring a holistic approach to food, health and well-being."

Carolyn, NYC, Education Manager

"Working with Deena completely changed my life. As a person with chronic stomach discomfort and irregularity...she changed my diet in a fun way where I could still eat great food and feel full and content without any residual. The tips and lessons she shared will be implemented throughout my life. I learned new recipes and how to navigate a farmer's market. Eating fresh whole food that is good for you can taste delicious! She is also a great person to talk to and genuinely interested in helping and listening. Everyone I pass on the street or see in restaurant I think "if only they had Deena, they could feel as good as I do!".

Jessica K, NYC, Casting Director, Films/TV


"I'm so glad that I took a leap and decided to work with Deena.  The process was so eye-opening, and it wasn't just about what to eat or what to keep away from.  Deena acted as a mentor.  She listened to my concerns; she took my habits and my comforts and my anxieties into play when guiding me through food choices and other healthy living styles.

Her help with my diet and lifestyle was beneficial and always supportive.  She didn't talk to me; she talked with me.  She worked alongside me to make good choices.  She went grocery shopping with me and taught me what to focus on when reading ingredients.  Buying food for the week is a lot easier now!  I'm more than grateful to Deena for making me aware of how I'm living and what I'm eating.  Such experiences have proved to be invaluable.  I'm now putting 'me' first.  I'm taking care of myself and valuing all that is around me.  It was definitely a wonderful experience and I'm so happy that I worked with Deena!"

Kayla G, LA, Teacher


dina_w_testimonial-pic"I started working with Deena because I realized that while I tried to feed myself and my family healthy food, there was a lot that I did not know. I was interested in creating a healthier lifestyle for all of us.  Working with her has been wonderful.  Deena is very thoughtful, comprehensive, compassionate, and most importantly, knowledgeable.  She gave me the skills I need to make smarter decisions when it comes to nutrition for my family.  I found the experience to be empowering and would highly recommend her services to anyone.  I only wish I had started working with her before my daughter developed an addiction to sugar!"

Dina W, NYC, Lawyer


"Working with Deena has been a fabulous experience!  I came to Deena after trying every crash diet and spending hundreds on juice cleanses and the latest weight loss strategies. In the 6 months we spent together, she helped me find balance not just in my eating habits, but in my life as a whole. Instead of just focusing on what I was eating, she examined all aspects of my life including relationships, stresses and overall happiness. This approach finally helped me figure out how to eat and identify what foods make me feel good and what foods make me feel bad.  I am happy to say I now have more energy and can finally fit into those skinny jeans.

But beyond that, I was so inspired by the experience that I am in the process of being certified as a heath coach myself!"

Lauren S, NYC, Digital Creative Specialist


jordan_testimonial_pic"Deena is really upbeat and excited.  She has great ideas and is also practical.  We worked together to discuss what would work best for me and found doable compromises that fit into my busy schedule.  My diet has completely changed because of our discussions.  Not only am I eating better, but I am enjoying it more.  I highly recommend working with Deena!"

Jordan R, Madison, WI, Professor


"I started working with Deena to work on my tendency for emotional eating. Deena is the biggest pleasure to work with-- she is totally present and engaged, intelligent and insightful. She carefully tailors her intervention to meet your individualized needs, taking your lifestyle into account in order to devise a plan that is practical and workable with your life. Deena helped me come up with new ways of managing stress (besides eating) and satiating my body's nutritional needs in order to improve health and maximize energy levels."

Rachelle, NYC, Psychologist


meghan_testimonialpic"I decided to work with Deena because I wanted to feel better and knew I needed an expert opinion to accomplish that.  I so appreciated the time Deena spent looking at other factors in my life outside of food.  The idea that if I am not happy, or at least understanding of my stress, anxiety and unhappiness, it will be difficult for me to eat better really resonated with me.  Our sessions often included conversation around mental and emotional wellness in addition to nutritional info and tips around eating.  Deena is easy to talk to!  She is very supportive.  I so appreciated being able to email her between sessions as well as questions or concerns came up.  This level of service and comfort was unlike anything I'd experienced before.  Deena has an ability to share her vast knowledge without being intimidating or esoteric.  She is also really fun to talk with and made me feel at ease discussing personal, and often embarrassing, subjects.  I know Deena is trustworthy.

After learning about what foods irritate my digestive system and generally make me feel like crap, I now eat things I know will be good for my body and making these decisions is easy.  I have a better relationship with food because of this basic and simple understanding of what is good for me.  It is so much easier for me to forgive myself and "reset" my healthy eating habits when necessary.  No more self sabotage!  I feel confident and this knowledge is empowering."

Meghan B, LA, Assistant Principal


Jon_testimonial_pic"I met Deena at a corporate wellness event and knew it was time for me to make some changes.  I had already been taking pretty good care of myself, but usually ended up bingeing in the evenings on sugar and going through my day not feeling great.  Deena made me realize I was actually not eating ENOUGH food!  I was shocked, but she was right.  Adding in real food, changing how I ate, when I ate, adding in juicing and sweet foods throughout the day... all of these things completely changed how I experienced my day-to-day.  During each session Deena gave me new recommendations and I was happy to implement along the way.

I am happy to say that I no longer binge at night, my complexion is bright and I am now under 200lb for the first time in 20 years.  I just had a doctors appointment and he is going to reduce my blood pressure medicine because I simply don't need it as much.  The best part is that I don't feel any of this is a result of 'dieting.'  I am simply eating whole foods, feel satisfied and don't feel as though I am depriving myself.  I am eating the smartest diet of my life, I feel great and it's a piece of cake."

Jon O, NJ, Financial Industry



debbie_testimonial_pic"It was truly a pleasure listening to Deena's tele-class, 'Diets Never Work.'  I loved how she told her own personal story of how she got to where she is today.  It was very inspiring and it made me feel like I could do it too.  Her ideas were not some gimmicky diet tricks REAL ideas and REAL food.  She also emphasized that this is not something that you come to over night but is truly a slow journey.  I look forward to incorporating her ideas into my daily life not only for me, but for my entire family as well!".

Debbie U, Maryland, Photographer


"Good Evening Deena,

As per my previous experience with one of your seminars, your calm and extremely well designed presentation on 'Diets Never Work' was very much appreciated and has given me real food for thought... to act slowly, but surely.  Thank you for making this tele-class available!"

Maureen, NYC


"The simplistic, informative, easy manner in which this presentation was given allows me to truly implement the 10 Rules into my lifestyle.  The explanations examples and ease in implementation will truly make a difference in my life.  Everything made so much sense and the reasoning offers the listener a new EASY path to better eating.   One of the best things in the information presented was the manner in which all of the recommendations can become part of anyone's life. No drastic changes in lifestyle!!! I am a "mature" individual and I am going back to basic healthy eating.

Deena was easy to listen to and I was quite shocked to realize that 52 minutes had passed so quickly.  I will become an avid follower of this informed, knowledgeable and easy mannered health professional!"

Ellee S, Philadelphia, Financial Services

Corporate Wellness:


hayley_testimonial_pic"I contacted Deena because I knew she’d be an important asset to a successful Employee Health & Wellness program that we were running at our company.   Deena worked with me to figure out what topics would resonate most with our employee population and we decided on “Eating for Energy”.  It was an absolute success.   Our staff picked up some easy-to-apply tips regarding the best foods to eat at particular times of day, as well as some deeper considerations involving sleep habits and the effects of caffeine.  The interactive style of the presentation worked really well:  Deena was able to delve deeper into topics that were of particular interest and give more ideas and suggestions for putting her ideas to use.   A great touch at the end were the fantastic snacks she brought:  weeks later the team was still going on about how much they love dates and natural peanut butter!  Deena was truly a hit."

Hayley F, NYC, HR Manager


"Deena is professional, polished and relatable.  She's worked in the corporate environment in the past and she really understands the struggle employees face keeping balanced and prioritizing nutrition day-to-day.  In the course of one hour, Deena was successful in providing our employees with healthy food options and slight lifestyle modifications-- all useful tips that everyone could start implementing as soon as they walked out the door!

Deena also stayed after her workshop to address 1:1 needs through individual coaching sessions.  This was such a hit.  Our employees still talk about the impact Deena made on their lives, the way they look at food and how empowered they feel about their choices."

Melissa Z, NYC, HR Generalist