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One of my favorite things in life is when someone has success with something that I use and recommend.  Whether it be health practitioners that guide me, lip gloss I love, parenting wisdom that keeps me sane and helps me thoroughly enjoy parenthood, or my favorite tools for health and wellness, you'll find it here!  My wish for you is that you get as much enjoyment and results from these products and services as I do. 


Rachel Rainbolt of Sage Parenting

Rachel Rainbolt is the parenting coach for gentle (intentional, intuitive, respectful, compassionate, authentic) women who want to elevate their mothering and are ready to get connected, joyful, and free on the natural path. If things like co-sleeping and night nursing, compassionate communication with respectful collaboration and natural consequences (positive discipline), and self-directed and experiential learning sound like your jam, then you’ve found your guide.



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