Food Shopping Will No Longer Be Overwhelming

Do you walk through the same aisles every time you go food shopping?  I bet you also have no idea what is down some of those aisles and might even look in other carts occasionally wondering what on earth people are buying!  Every store, even health food stores, have options that are fantastic and others that you'll want to avoid.  I'll go aisle by aisle with you and we'll review the essentials.



Tamra"I started to change the way my family ate and needed help navigating the supermarket.  So Deena and I did a store tour through my local Whole Foods. I wanted to know what staples (fruit, veggies, fats, nuts & proteins) that I should have in my house on a regular basis. That way, I knew that I was using the best ingredients to prepare meals.  Deena and I walked down every aisle and discussed products & ingredients.  She pointed out which brands were best and why. She even gave me recipe suggestions! I bought products that I had never used before but are now always in my pantry.  I still have my notes from our tour and refer back to them as needed.  I now feel totally confident about what I'm buying and feeding my family."

-Tamra, NYC


The coolest part: you do this once and you have the tools forever.



  • Discover that food shopping does not need to be overwhelming.
  • Learn how to navigate yourself aisle by aisle.
  • Find the best options to suit your kitchen needs.
  • Find out where you should choose organic.
  • Learn how to read ingredient labels.
  • Get tons of new ways to prepare a variety of foods.
  • See that not all items in a health food store are healthy (myth-busting time!).
  • Walk away with your master shopping list.
  • Takeaway tips for what to look for and what to avoid every time you shop.


Full store tour takes 2 hours. 


COST: $250 (paired with Kitchen Clean-Out for $550 total)

To sign up for a store tour with Deena, email directly: