One-on-One Health Coaching

When was the last time you had an hour devoted to your wellness?

Health coaching is one of the most effective ways at getting to the root of your health concerns.  Taking a holistic approach (looking at the whole you) and bio-individuality (there's no one else like you), I will support you to make positive changes that are based on your unique needs, lifestyle, preferences, and background.  My Signature Health Coaching Program walks you through a step-by-step, personalized approach.

Program open to everyone

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Immunity Naturally

Keeping you and your family healthy this year and every year.

Program open to anyone, anywhere.

Get all the essentials for preventing illness, knowing what to do at first sign of illness and stocking your home with all of immune-boosting goods you need. This program provides you with a foundational understanding of how to best support your immune system, the how and why of immunity, your go-to master immunity shopping list and recipes using these ingredients to get you started. I guarantee that by implementing these strategies, you'll say goodbye to the routine viruses, infections, and allergies.

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Kitchen Clean-Out

Fill your kitchen with the perfect options

I will come to your home and work with you one on one to give your kitchen a makeover. At the end of your Kitchen Clean-Out you will have all of the building blocks for creating healthy and nutritious food. Never again will you stand in front of the fridge or pantry with nothing to eat or be at the whim of addictive and non-nutritious foods!  The beauty of the kitchen clean out is that you do this once and you have the knowledge forever.

Program open only to those in the San Diego County

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Store Tour

Food shopping will no longer be overwhelming

If you buy the same foods over and over again, get bored of what you're eating, but don't know how to navigate a health food store for nutritious and delicious variety, this is for you.  We go aisle by aisle discussing the best and worst (yes, even health food stores stock foods that aren't great for you) foods.  You'll learn how to read ingredient labels, what to look out for and learn about tons of great additions you never knew about.  Get a store tour once and be a savvy shopper for life.

Program open only to those in the San Diego County

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