What is health coaching?

Health coaching is the wave of the future for optimizing your health.  Western medicine is, primarily, a reactive, treatment and pharmaceutically-based approach.  You need to feel empowered with the knowledge and tools to optimize your health, prevent disease, achieve optimal weight and feel as good as you know you should naturally, effectively and without tons of medical intervention.

Health coaching employs a step-by-step approach, taking into account the fact that everyone is different and there's no one magic fix for everyone.  One person's food is another person's poison and trying different things on for size is the only way that works.

Health coaching takes into account that your health is made up of several areas of your life including your food, sleep, movement, spirituality, relationships, career and others and uses an integrative approach to your health.


What is the weekly time commitment?

I know you're busy and the entire program is designed to give you the heaviest-hitting, most impactful and easiest-to-implement recommendations.  I have taken the best of the best from years of coaching clients and designed this program accordingly.  Each tele-class will be about 1 hour, but I won't end the call until every question is answered.  Your worksheets should take about 10 minutes per week to fill out.  Beyond that, you'll receive videos, lists, and other resources to guide you through the material.  The Facebook group is available to you any time and will serve as a fantastic support system, both from me and everyone else enrolled in the program.  The program is what you make of it!


Is it really okay to miss the live calls?

Yes!  I've used a tele-class model for years and clients love it because of the flexibility.  The advantage to making the live call is that you can ask questions right there on the call, but since I 100% promise to answer every single one of your questions that you post to the Renew You Facebook Group, you won't miss out at all.  Listen to the calls whenever you like and do not feel bad about missing a live class.  On average, only 30% of program participants dial in for the live tele-classes.