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Latest Blog Posts

Dieting and dating

I spent most of my 20s dating.   I was on a mission.  I  wanted to meet someone who would become my boyfriend, then my fiance, then my husband.  I figured if I worked hard enough at it… more online … Continued

Your winter sleep guide

There are few things more important than sleep… especially in the winter! Your natural inclination to hibernate in the winter is spot on and the more you fight it, the harder it will be on your body.  So much in … Continued

RECIPE: Hot cocoa without the guilt

The hot chocolate mixes you’ll buy in a store are filled with bad sugar, refined oils, preservatives and stabilizers to hold all of the ingredients together so it can sit on a shelf for eternity.  Yum. Hot chocolate is delicious … Continued

Cauliflower “rice” in squash bowl

This recipe is extremely versatile.  You can reuse the cauliflower rice anyway you want and put something else in your squash bowls!  I am a big fan of cook once; eat twice (or 5 times), but I also get bored … Continued

How do you know if something is good for you?

Is it good for me?  Isn’t that bad for me?  Is X healthy?  It’s enough to make your head spin.  Who knows anymore what is healthy and what isn’t? You likely know that there are certain foods that might be … Continued