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Latest Blog Posts

Budget-friendly and healthy road tripping

3,056.6 miles of road travel in 4 days and I don't feel completely awful, my digestion is still working and I can move my body.   Going into this cross-country move, I did not think I'd do so well.  Packing … Continued

It’s time for Spring Cleaning

This seasonal transition, as everything is coming back to life (so are you, hopefully, after this winter!) is the best time of year to give yourself a little extra support on the detox and cleansing front. Here's the thing: Your … Continued

RECIPE: Superfood Energy Nuggets

There are tons of energy bars, protein bars, meal-replacement this and that in every heatlh food store.  I was in Whole Foods recently and saw that about 1/2 if an aisle is dedicated to such bars!  When you look at … Continued

Step 1: Eat more.

Something I encounter constantly as a health coach is the fear, frustration and anger around what someone will have to give up.  We’re so wired in the diet mentality and that typically means giving things up; usually things you really … Continued

I shouldn’t have eaten that

How many times have you eaten something and felt bad about yourself afterwards?  You grab that second piece of cake, wing of fried chicken, donut, half of a bagel, scoop of ice cream, etc and within minutes you say to … Continued