Just as you have your own food and lifestyle needs, you have your own schedule, budget and program needs.  This is why I offer various program options.  Please take a look at the program offerings and corresponding descriptions below and contact me to schedule your 30-minute consult today.


Which approach is right for you?

Step 1 is to determine the support you need based on:

  • the intensity of your current concerns
  • your history with these concerns
  • the level of commitment you have to making permanent transformations


The answers to these questions will determine if you are best suited for the  6-Session Signature Program, the 3-Session Reboot Program, or opting in for a Session-by-Session approach.


6-Session Signature Program

If you are looking to make long-term, real changes to your health, diet, lifestyle and that of your family, this is the way to work most intimately with me.   Here's the system I've seen work for tons of clients (and for myself):

First, we ADD.  We're going to add in foods, supplements, lifestyle habits and all sorts of goodies to support your goals.  Adding in those that are not part of your daily regimen has seriously profound impact and is unbelievably empowering.

Second, we REPLACE.  With so much marketing and advertising out there, it's hard to know what the best choices are.  We'll take a close look at your go-to options and make sure you're choosing the best quality possible.  Sourcing and quality can make the world of difference.  By simply replacing one version with another, we can really see amazing change.

Third, we REMOVE.  Some of the foods you are consuming and ways in which you're going about your day are not serving you well and we need to ditch them.  We do this last for a few reasons.  By the time we get to removing, I know much more about your health, needs, tendencies and concerns and we can really zero in on the foods and practices that are just not working for you.  In this stage we also talk about healthy cleansing/detoxing and customize an approach that works best for you.

You're enrolled in a program, which gives you email support and an ongoing relationship as well as built-in accountability.  I've found that 6 sessions is the perfect time to accomplish all of this when clients are truly committed and ready for change.   We work slowly, step-by-step and I educate you and empower you every step of the way.  You're going to look forward to your coaching calls and will love how this entire process makes you feel.


You also get:

  • Recipes, resources and articles to support what we discuss during each session
  • Email support between sessions
  • Notes and recap of our sessions

All coaching sessions are via phone or Skype.

COST: $800


3-Session Reboot Program

This program offers a more streamlined version of the signature program.   During these 3 sessions, we dive right in to your needs, recommendations, discuss a simple cleanse protocol, and revisit questions from previous sessions.  This is a fantastic follow-up to Renew You for someone who has already embraced real food, whole foods, listening to your body, getting out of your head a bit, has begun embodying a whole-body approach to health and has already begun to do away with what conventional wisdom tells us about diet and health.

The Reboot Program offers an ongoing relationship and accountability in a similar way to the signature program.

This option is geared towards the client who needs a boost and tweaks to what you're already doing, but not ideal for real and long-term transformation, as that takes more time.


You also get:

  • Recipes, resources and articles to support what we discuss during each session.
  • Email support between sessions.
  • Notes and recap of our sessions.
  • Recordings of our calls should you be interested.

COST: $425


Session-by-Session Approach

This is the most basic way of working together.  Here, you are not investing in anything long-term and we can connect whenever you like.  This approach is best for someone who has questions and would like some "spot treatment" rather than ongoing support and transformation.   Note: There is no email support with this option.
COST: $150/Session


My guarantee to you: With any of the above offerings, if you implement my practical recommendations at each one of our sessions, I promise you will be better off when we are done working together than at the start of our time together.  I have seen this to be the case with 100% of my clients.  If you are ready to make the commitment, I am ready to guide you.


Renew You: A Group Coaching Program

Renew You is my signature group health coaching program in which I've taken the most commonly discussed health issues, topics, concerns, etc from 1:1 coaching and put it into a fantastically successful group program!
Check out all of the details and register for that program here



Contact: deena@deenabarselah.com