The My Vitality Lab Bundle combines the best recipes for health and beauty!  You are going to feel and look a million times better within days of making these. 

Check your pantry/bathroom for these items:

Important: In addition to everything I send you as part of the MVL Bundle, please double check you have the below ingredients on hand. If you don't, simply head over to the MVL Amazon Store to source my most-recommended materials. The reasons I do not include everything in the bundle are 1) so that you can customize for your unique skin needs, 2) so that the materials stay intact with shipping, and 3) to avoid waste as you likely have most of the below ingredients in your home already!

  1. Carrier oil for your face.  Check out the Amazon Store to choose the ideal face oil for your serum (Jojoba, Argan, Coconut, Almond, etc).  Your skin is unique.
  2. Coconut Oil.  You use this in your kitchen every day?  Great!
  3. Witch Hazel.  Already have some?  Wonderful!  Please make sure it is alcohol and fragrance free. 
  4. Sugar.  Any sugar will do, but organic is best.
  5. Fractionated coconut oil, olive oil or grapeseed oil for your rollers.  This is the carrier oil that goes into your roller bottles and dilutes the essential oils.
  6. Aloe. Make sure to store this in your fridge.

With the MVL Bundle, you get the tools to make:

  1. An All-Purpose Sanitizing Spray
  2. An Exfoliating and Invigorating Body Scrub
  3. Relaxing Bath Salts
  4. A Muscle/Tension Soother
  5. A delicious Immuni-Tea
  6. A Relaxing Sleep Cream
  7. A Post-Sun Spray
  8. A Luxurious Body Butter
  9. A Breathe-Easy Roller
  10. A Skin-Glowing Face Serum
  11. A Peppermint Patty Lip Balm

Items in the MVL Bundle range from 2-5 ingredients. 

Current MVL Bundle includes:

  1. Tried and True Recipes.  No need to comb through Pinterest when you have these recipes that have been tested time and time again.  Recipes also include variations and tips so that you can customize just for you!
  2. Purest Essential Oils for all recipes. 
  3. *Additional ingredients and tools you'll need to get started.
  4. All premium glass jars/containers so that you can feel confident in the packaging and storage of your products.  Reduce waste by reusing these over and over again.
  5. Workshop and How-to videos to guide you every step of the way.

PLUS: A 30-minute 1:1 Health Coaching Session ($75 value!) geared towards your current needs and goals.  Health Coaching is the foundation for everything.  When was the last time you had 30 minutes geared towards your health and wellness where someone actually listened and you walked away with simple and real things to implement immediately? 

PLUS: Access to your private Facebook community to support you on your MVL Journey and explore this new world with other MVL-ers.  I will share usage tips, recipes, how-to videos, and lots of other resources to support you.  You will share successes, questions, new discoveries, and fun... all from the comfort of your home.  I am part of this Facebook Group every single day and will be sure to answer every one of your questions.