**I am no longer running this program, but have no fear.  Email me at deena@deenabarselah.com if you're interested in pre-pregnancy coaching and I'll get you all set up!**

Does this sound like you?

  • You want to increase your chances of FERTILITY.
  • You want to feel EMPOWERED RATHER THAN SCARED during this time in your life.
  • You know how common it is to have a child who suffers from a CHRONIC HEALTH CONDITION and you want to do all you can for the health of your future child.
  • You know that building a healthy FOUNDATION before pregnancy is essential, but you aren't quite sure how to go about that.
  • You are aware that diet and lifestyle have an IMPACT on preconception health, but don’t feel like you know enough about them– what are the best to choose and why.
  • You want to create a HEALTHY HOME now and for many years to come.
  • You don’t have the TIME and/or do not know where to look for the most proven ways to achieve fertility, a healthy pregnancy, baby and child.
  • You feel NERVOUS or OVERWHELMED and would love extra emotional and psychological support  to get yourself in a great place.
  • You need CLEAR, easy-to-understand, easy-to-implement STEPS to get on track right away.

Preparing for pregnancy and getting pregnant wasn't always a scary or overwhelming process.  With the proper tools, knowledge and empowerment, you can feel at ease and excited about this wonderful time in your life, whether it be your first baby or your 5th!

I have a deep appreciation for traditional wisdom.  Looking at cultures around the world that were untouched by Western, industrialized food, the reproductive issues we face were hardly a concern.  Infertility was virtually non-existent, women had easy pregnancies, easy births and healthy, robust children.  I'm on a mission to bring this back.

Wouldn’t it be tragic to ignore the wisdom of our past?

Would you plan a major trip, take a big exam, host a party or buy a house without taking the time for the appropriate planning?  Well, the same should be said for bringing a new life into the world.  Only becoming a parent is pretty much the most important thing you will ever do in your life.  You owe your health and the health of your future baby optimal nourishment.

I want to show you how we can learn from tradition, apply it to our modern lives and implement these practices now, so that we can do our best to prevent these health concerns down the line.  When we think about pre-pregnancy nutrition, we often think about fertility.  While an extremely important topic, fertility is merely one piece of the preconception nutritional world.

I want you to get pregnant!

I also want to support you to get your body in the best place possible for bringing a new life into this world.  We now know that preconception health plays a vital role in the long-term health of your child.  This means that the state your body is in before pregnancy impacts your pregnancy, baby, child and well into that child’s adult years!  I know… this is a big job.

Together, we’ll explore these sacred foods, review the super foods for your preconception health, the foods that are not ideal, uncover environmental toxins that you might not know about, learn why your digestion plays a key part in your overall health and that of your baby’s, and bust a lot of myths about “health food” today.

You have the best of intentions, feel stable and ready to take this next step (whether it be your first child or you are growing your family) and are ready to love your baby unconditionally.  You already read about health and nutrition and know that there is a lot to learn, but our conventional medical system does not empower us to look at what has worked for thousands of generations.

There’s so much more to pre-pregnancy health than relying on modern science alone.

I want to share with you all that I have learned about how food and lifestyle play a significant role and empower you to make safe and healthy changes to optimize fertility, have a healthy pregnancy, a robust baby, a child who grows into a healthy adult and to create a healthy home.

An optimal pre-pregnancy diet and lifestyle contributes to:

  • increased fertility
  • reduced rates of miscarriage
  • full-term birth
  • easier labor & delivery
  • babies who sleep well
  • baby/child with less allergies, autism, asthma, autoimmune disorders, frequent colds, immune dysregulation and more
  • lower rates of heart disease and diabetes later in life
  • setting the stage for a healthy home now (avoid a picky or unhealthy eater down the road)

All your green juices, fresh veggies, whole grains and prenatal vitamin won’t cut it for your health and the long-term health of your child.

There’s much more to getting the best nutrients into your body in the most absorbable way.

"Deena has an innate wisdom and no-nonsense way of imparting that wisdom that makes it all seem effortless.  The biggest benefit I got from working with Deena was her ability to take the mystery and intimidation out of health and nutrition. After she helped remove the fear, there was room for more creativity to flourish and I did more of the experimenting I always knew I was capable of but never did. I often try something in the kitchen now and think, “This would make Deena so proud!” Deena is my health inspiration!”

—Jane B, Brooklyn, Life Coach

 Deena is an incredible resource every woman should have in her back pocket.  She is a wealth of knowledge of course, but it's so much more than that.  It's the way she transfers that knowledge--in a personal and in depth manner--that is so special.   Any client of Deena's will quickly sense how investigative she is about the nutrition and lifestyle habits she passes along.  With so many varying (and sometimes confusing) schools of thought, it's wonderful to have a professional guide you with opinions that are well researched and reviewed.  

As someone who was not yet trying to conceive but knew that the time was around-the-corner, I expected this to just be a tool for pre-pregnancy, but instead it opened the door to think more about how to take care of my body throughout any time in my life and how I want to take care of my future children.”

- Elicia L, Los Angeles

“I started working with Deena before my second pregnancy.  She guided me on what to eat, substitutes for other foods, incorporating easy exercise and balance into my days and all sorts of wonderful foods to cook.  I had a healthy pregnancy, felt really great postpartum and we’ve all gotten sick so much less this winter than in the past!  Deena not only helped me when it came to preconception and pregnancy, but gave me the tools to create a healthy home for my family.  We eat the best food and I am confident that my children will benefit now and for years to come.  I can’t recommend Deena enough!

  —Dina W, NYC, Lawyer

 "I really enjoyed Healthy You for a Healthy Baby and definitely recommend it to other women and their partners who are getting ready to start a family soon.  

 I am glad I jumped on it early, because I've changed my diet over the past few months and have just started officially "trying" so my body had time to adjust and absorb the dietary changes.  I learned a lot from the program and have been able to incorporate many of the suggestions into my daily diet/routine.  I appreciated the explanations for why certain foods have been known to support and promote pre-conception and why other foods have negative effects.  I greatly appreciated the dietary and health recommendations for my husband too since that isn't often focused on and our men deserve to be as healthy and prepared for conception as we are."

- Leah W, NYC, Speech Language Pathologist

I know we have made the best changes for ourselves and our future family.

I loved the tele-class! It really put a lot of everyday habits into perspective for me. I started going to our local farmers market every weekend, getting things like bread, eggs, cheese and tons of other great quality food to nourish myself and baby. Before I would just get fruits, veggies and flowers. We also started up with a CSA in the area and got on a monthly meat/chicken delivery from a local farmer. Thank you so much for this precious insight. I know that we have made the best changes for ourselves and our future family. Finally, I’ve also been feeling so much better since the class than I was before and I know it’s the dietary changes I made.”

—Jennifer G, Chicago,  Institutional Sales Trader

"Deena worked with me as a 1:1 coach and I also participated in Healthy You for a Healthy Baby for pre-conception health.  I'm happy to report that after 5 months of trying, we are expecting our first baby!  Deena provided coaching tailored to my specific needs and I walked away with a new perspective on how to shop, cook, and enjoy food and create optimal health for myself and my family.  I am grateful for her guidance and have had 3 different people tell me that I look "radiant" in the last month and I think it has a lot to do with the healthy changes I've made to my diet.  

Deena is knowledgeable, professional, and fun to work with - 2 thumbs up! 

- PV, Brooklyn NY


What you’re going to get:

  • PEACE OF MIND.  There's so much advice out there.  I will break it down for you in a simple, easy-to-implement, easy-to-understand way that makes you feel great about the choices you're making.
  • A TRULY HOLISTIC APPROACH to a diet and lifestyle that will support you as a whole person, body and mind, on this journey.
  • EMPOWERMENT. My goal is, first and foremost, to give you the tools and information you need now and for years to come.  The beauty of a good pre-conception diet is that it’s the ideal diet for pregnancy as well. More, it provides you with the foundation for building a healthy home and life well into the future.

And how you’re going to get it...


  • SUPER FOODS:Which foods are critical for future parents and why it’s not all hype.
  • TRASH IT:Is what you’re eating now sabotaging your efforts or creating a toxic environment to make a healthy baby?  Learn what to avoid and why.
  • GUT FEELING:How your digestive health predicts your baby’s health
  • HEALTHY BODIES MAKE HEALTHY BABIES:How to align your lifestyle, physical activity, emotional health and mind to support your goals instead of undermine them.
  • BALANCE YOUR HORMONES, BALANCE YOUR HEALTH:Learn the link between balanced hormones and overall well-being to best support your body.
  • NOURISHING YOUR WHOLE SELF:Becoming a parent is a big deal.  Gain tools (from one of NYC's best Life Coaches!) to support your emotions and your mind through this important life transition.


In addition to the weekly calls, we’ll have 2 calls 100% devoted to your questions.  Implementation strategies are the key to success for making real change!  Dial-in to ask your questions and hear others as well.


If you miss one (or all) of the live calls, don’t worry!  These will all be recorded and you’ll have a chance to go through them at your own pace.


This is your place to share recipes, strategies, ideas, questions and more with others optimizing their pre-pregnancy health as well.


Following each call (including the implementation calls), I will provide you with the main take-aways and topics discussed.


A fridge must-have!  Once we go through the nutritional essentials, you’ll receive a printable weekly checklist for everything you should be checking off the list daily and weekly.


Yes, he plays an important role here and we need to make sure his diet is in place before conception as well.


Cleansing is all the rage these days and there's a specific protocol that is particularly effective in cleansing the body in preparation for pregnancy.  For many this can be the difference between being able to conceive and not.  Either way, it's a fantastic approach to preparing your body (great for dad-to-be as well!).


I've put together a several videos about certain ingredients, how-tos on cooking, lifestyle practices, tours of the health food store and much more.  You'll love this video library!


This amazing program will inspire to to learn more and read more.  You'll receive a rockin' list of blogs, cookbooks, nutrition books and more that will further support you on your journey.


The essentials for your fridge and pantry.


BONUS #1: Pre-Pregnancy Know How: 5 tips you need now for a positive pregnancy and birth experience.

Rebecca Sagoskin Stein, LCCE, Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, has put together the tips and advice women need before pregnancy. This will provide you with the knowledge and confidence for an empowered pregnancy and birth experience.

BONUS #2: Balancing Hormones Naturally: Cycling Seeds for the Menstrual Cycle

Here you’ll learn about a traditional method for using various seeds (those you can easily get in any grocery store) for balancing your menstrual cycle.

Dr. Erica Waters, ND, is a board certified and licensed naturopathic doctor. She received her doctorate from the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Waters sees clients in-person in Brooklyn and works with clients all over the country by phone.

Learn more at http://www.drericawaters.com/.

BONUS #3: Baby’s Best Start: First Steps to Avoid Exposure to Chemical Toxins That Can Impact Fetal Growth & Development

In this bonus handout you'll learn how daily exposures to common chemicals in the home can impact fetal growth and development, sometimes even before conception, including first steps to reduce exposure, allowing you to set the stage for a safe, and healthy pregnancy.

Lara Adler is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Environmental Toxins Expert who specializes in helping mothers, and mother-to-be identify and remove harmful toxins in their diet and home environment so they can create a safe and healthy space for their families to grow, while reducing the risks of diabetes, obesity, behavioral issues, and other critical health conditions.

Learn more at http://www.laraadler.com/.


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