My Approach to Health Coaching:

I believe your body is unique.

I believe you are a a whole person in a whole body. We need to look at your body as one, rather than a collection of separate systems. 

I believe you have the capacity to heal. 

I believe we all need 1:1 health support with someone who will really listen and create a customized approach for our health history, unique constitution, lifestyle, time, family needs, and tons more.

I believe in looking at traditional cultures around the world to see the common threads in what people have done throughout evolutionary history to support health and wellness.

I believe in a truly integrative approach.  This means we will optimize your health by using food, herbs, supplements, essential oils, lifestyle changes, and other traditional healing practices. 

I've had the great honor to support clients in improving:

  • chronic digestive issues
  • skin problems
  • fertility
  • hormonal imbalance
  • low energy
  • auto-immune symptoms
  • sleep troubles
  • allergies
  • many others


How it works:

All sessions are done by phone.  

I will gather a full health history from you in advance of our first session and we'll dive into the details during that first session. 

Each session, I will give you up to 3 practical, simple, and effective recommendations to optimize your health.  We will discuss your experience with these during each subsequent session.

If you opt-in for 3-session or 6-session packages, you will receive full email support between sessions. 

I am your guide, your coach, and your support.

Just as you have your own food and lifestyle needs, you have your own schedule, budget and program needs.  

This is why I offer various program options.  Please take a look at the program offerings and corresponding descriptions below.  Step 1 is to determine the support you need based on:

  • the intensity of your current concerns.
  • your history with these concerns.
  • the level of commitment you have to making permanent transformations.

The answers to these questions will determine if you are best suited for the  6-Session Signature Programthe 3-Session Reboot Program, or opting in for a Session-by-Session approach.

My Guarantee:

If you implement my practical recommendations at each one of our sessions, I promise you will be better off when we are done working together than at the start of our time together.  I have seen this to be the case with 100% of my clients.  

If you are ready to make the commitment, I am ready to guide you.