My First Foods Program is About:

  • Giving your baby real food from the start
  • Minimizing allergies and food intolerances
  • Building strong immune and digestive systems
  • Preventing picky and sugar-loving eaters
  • Making it easy for you to cook one meal
  • Challenging conventional wisdom and debunking baby food myths
  • Creating a healthy home now and for many years to come
  • Empowering you to prepare nutrient-dense food for your family
  • Giving you the real deal on dairy to handle this big topic for your baby


Program Details:


1. Pod-cast style

You'll receive an audio file that you can listen to at your leisure and come back to anytime.  Listen to it while you're exercising, cooking, taking a bath, or sitting with a notebook.  I cover the when, why and what of First Foods.  You'll get the strategy behind all of this and a whole lot of peace of mind.  You'll get all the details for how to introduce the best, most nourishing, brain-building, body-building superfoods for your baby.  We'll go through the conventional approach to First Foods as well as Baby Led Weaning and why these aren't enough.  I also go into why your child does not need to drink cow's (or goat or sheep) dairy milk once no longer nursing and debunk many myths fed to us by the dairy industry.  


2. Online forum

You'll receive an invite to join a closed Facebook group 100% geared towards First Foods.  I check in there regularly to answer your questions and you are encouraged to pose questions to the group, share recipes, experiences and learn from many other parents. This is a great way to share your unique situation as well.  You have access to this group for as long as you'd like.


3. Full month-by-month introduction schedule and checklist

You'll receive a schedule that goes up to 1 year. Hang this on your fridge, share with your family members, refer to this often so that you are familiar with what you are introducing and when. You'll find this checklist to be extremely handy as your baby progresses through each food for noting any reactions.


4. Recipes

My goal is, first and foremost, to give you the tools and information you need to make this easy for you and your baby. You'll receive a series of recipes to match each introduction stage. All of these will involve the optimal foods and you'll know you're giving your baby the best.



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I'm on a mission to bring healthy babies and children into this world.

I generally think the conventional approach to diet and nutrition is off the mark and that we have so much to gain from looking at traditional wisdom and cultures all around the world. Looking at cultures around the world that were untouched by Western, industrialized food, the foods they fed babies were easily digested and supported exactly what the needed at the right time. By contrast babies in the Western world are often constipated, have weak immune systems, have a host of chronic illnesses, have a list of food allergies and intolerances and are not great eaters or sleepers and go for sugary foods earlier and earlier. It doesn't have to be this way.

Sadly, the conventional approach to first foods is all wrong.

Vegetables, although fabulous foods in general, should not be a main emphasis of introductory foods. Babies have a hard time converting beta-carotene in veggies to the much needed vitamin A and it can be a burden on their bodies. Here's a perfect case of not worrying too much about your little ones not eating veggies! They'll get to them later on when their bodies handle them better. In fact, babies really don't much in the way of carbohydrate-rich foods in general. All the carbohydrates we give babies, while keeping away from fat and animal foods is quite dangerous.


Babies can't digest grains.


Rice cereal and puffs won't do your baby any good.

Your baby's digestive system is still quite immature and grains can cause long-term damage, impacting overall immunity and health. Together, we'll go through exactly what foods to introduce and when. You'll understand the full schedule and the reasons why all of these foods are necessary... and why the conventional approach to first foods is one of the main reasons kids are addicted to sugar, have behavioral issues, digestive problems, weak immunity and so much more.


Your baby's first foods can have life-long impact on his/her health.

I want to share with you all that I have learned about an optimal food introduction schedule. When we look at how traditional cultures around the world have introduced solid foods throughout history, grains, processed foods and everything we do today were never present. You'll also have trouble finding kids who are addicted to sugar and processed foods the same way American kids are today. When you begin introducing foods, the baby's milk intake naturally goes down and this could open the door for insufficiency in various nutrients that are critical for growth and development. Some of these nutrients include protein, zinc, iron and B vitamins, so we need to be sure to choose foods that are rich in these items.


Even making your own baby food isn't enough.


An optimal food introduction schedule:

  • promotes healthy digestion long-term
  • reduces the chance of food allergies
  • trains your baby's palate for real food (read: you won't need to bribe your child to eat healthy foods down the road)
  • keeps your baby fuller longer
  • saves you money by avoiding powders, potions and special cereals for babies
  • help your baby sleep better
  • greatly reduces the chances of your baby/child developing asthma, autoimmune disorders, frequent colds, ear infections, immune dysregulation and more


Introducing the right foods at the right time is essential.



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See what the Moms have to say:


Charlie- First FoodsWhen I gave my daughter, my oldest, her first foods, I followed my pediatrician's recommendation - rice cereal. I thought I was doing the right thing. It's what everyone else was doing and I never questioned it. I still made all of her food, everything was organic, etc. But, I didn't realize that I was not giving her what her growing body really needed. When Charlie, my second child, became old enough for solid food, I was lucky to work with Deena. She helped me to understand what a baby actually needs and can absorb easily. I would have never thought to give him the foods Deena recommended (so not what Americans do!), but I am so thankful I did. My son has a great digestive system. While other babies I know are constipated all the time, he has never had a problem. Also, he eats everything! He loves his proteins, fruits and vegetables of all colors. I feel so good because I know that I have given him the best start possible. 

—Dina W, NYC, Charlie's Mom


tamar_foodDeena was beyond amazing in helping me to figure out what foods to feed my newborn (my second baby). Something always seemed funny to me to give a baby boxed up and packaged cereal, so after talking with Deena about it, I discovered there is much more to know about first foods than I ever realized. I didn't worry about what the books said and instead I worked in tandem with Deena and my pediatrician to find first foods which would keep my growing baby fuller longer, would nourish her, and would help her become a thriving toddler. I let her munch on avocados, bananas, egg yolks and yes, even some meat! I was surprised to learn that she was able to eat egg yolks at such a young age (6 months). When I asked my doctor about this, he agreed there was no reason not to start off with the foods Deena recommended even though most books say wait longer for these foods. So, with Deena's support, my daughter was happily eating vegetables, whole foods, fruits, meat and chicken and NOT eating boxed cereal, rice puffs, packaged foods and canned or jarred veggies. Now, 18 months later, I have 2 very different eaters in my house. With one daughter raised on a conventional approach to first foods and one raised on Deena's first foods... Guess who is the best eater now in our family?! At Tamar's first birthday, she wouldn't even eat the cake we made her. She pushed it away. Twice! Then she ate blueberries instead. The cake was just too sweet for her palate not used to refined foods or sugars. When we eat pizza, she takes a few bites and then eats a hard boiled egg and broccoli florets for the rest of her meal. She picks oatmeal mixed with berries, flaxseeds and hemp seeds or eggs with coconut oil and spinach over waffles and pancakes for breakfast any day. This is coming from her! I don't force foods on her. I truly believe the foundation was set at the perfect time and it is so obvious to me now how much it matters down the road. At age 2, she is not afraid of her veggies, loves healthy fats, good protein and doesn't every ask for sugar foods. I can't thank Deena enough for that! I am so glad I started working with Deena when I did. By contrast, my older daughter is making a lot of progress, but I see now that it is MUCH easier to start right away instead of trying to play catch up later when the kids are already sugar-obsessed and you realize you have a picky eater on your hands. Healthy habits start young, so do yourself a favor and don't wait until it's so much harder.
It's so worth it to invest in your child's healthy future.

—Rena S, New Jersey, Tamar's Mom


leo avocadoFor most of my life, I never really thought much about what I ate - I ate whatever, whenever. It never seemed to matter - until I got pregnant that is. When pregnant, every food that I put into my mouth I envisioned making its way to my little baby. I suddenly cared, in a way that I never had before, about having healthy nourishing food as much as possible. And that desire - to feed my little boy the healthiest food I could - only intensified once he was born. I had already decided to make my son's baby food myself and had read a number of baby food books so didn't think Deena would have much new to add. But Deena's program was eye-opening. It turned so many of my assumptions on their head (i.e., hold off introducing grains to babies, egg yolk is perfectly healthy and very nutritious to feed a baby). I admit, I was a bit skeptical about some of what she shared (it seemed so different from conventional wisdom), but after doing my own further research to delve into what she shared, I came away converted. What no one told me before being a parent is that I would have questions every single day! Even though my son just celebrated his first birthday, I still am constantly learning. Deena provides amazing ongoing support - answering questions with incredibly thoughtful and thorough answers, anticipating questions that I hadn't even known I had until they were answered. And as someone who used to consider Kraft mac n cheese a staple (and still likes to indulge in the less than healthy from time to time), Deena's non-judgmental approach is unique and comforting. Deena is incredibly knowledgeable but she is not preachy. She exudes enthusiasm for healthy, whole food but doesn't disparage anyone's choices or approaches. I am so grateful to Deena - my son is an incredibly happy (and voracious) eater and thanks to Deena's help and guidance, I know that the foods that he heartily eats are nutritious and good for him.

—Becca H, Chicago, Leo's Mom


henryWorking with Deena on First Foods was amazing! It was such a revelation what my baby needed nutritionally vs. the conventional approach of what a baby should eat. Going into the program I thought for sure a first food should be some type of rice cereal or oatmeal...maybe throw in a sweet potato and some apple sauce and you are set. I figured I would hear something similar from Deena, but after the call I was quickly proven wrong. When Deena mentioned an egg yolk as the first food, I was SHOCKED and actually laughed at the thought! As she explained why this is nutritionally beneficial for my baby, I was convinced. Egg yolk, liver, cod liver oil - what?!! But it makes TOTAL sense now. What was most eye opening was the unnecessary need for carbohydrates. When my son's pediatrician talked to me about first foods, the first thing she mentioned was sweet potatoes, rice cereal, oatmeal, etc... Henry baby isn't even crawling yet, why does he need all the carbs?! Deena's way of approaching nutrition really made me reevaluate how I think about food and what is healthy. And now I feel I am doing the same for my son. I feel like I am providing my son with the "right" first foods for his digestive system, health and immunity. He is a happy 6 month old and enjoying the art of eating foods that are nutritionally beneficial for him at this time.

—Jennifer G, Chicago, Henry's Mom



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Important: This regimen is not a substitute for working with your pediatrician or preferred care provider. Be sure to seek medical attention when needed.