RECIPE: Pureed Beet Soup

I made this last week and it was heavenly.  Rich, filling, sweet, and such a gorgeous color.  The pic above doesn’t do it justice. This recipe provides a great framework for creating delicious, easy and nourishing soups with a variety … Continued

Natural Flavors: Nothing Natural About Them

Did you know that there’s one ingredient out there that can: ruin your digestive system throw off your hormones negatively impact your brain function cause obesity give you headaches create addictive behavior mess with your immunity … and much more? … Continued

Do you opt for soy?

I spend a lot of time in cafes.  It’s one of my favorite things to do at home and when I travel.  Beginning when I was in college, I always had my favorite spots to hang out, do work, read, … Continued

Don’t judge a food by its label

Going food shopping these days is often a sea of health claims and food labels.  With so many food buzzwords, it’s hard to know the difference between good marketing and meaningful information.  Some of these health claims have been approved … Continued