Step 1: Eat more.

Something I encounter constantly as a health coach is the fear, frustration and anger around what someone will have to give up.  We’re so wired in the diet mentality and that typically means giving things up; usually things you really … Continued

Something to talk about

  This will be a first in a series of posts about preparing for pregnancy, early pregnancy, miscarriage, and more, but really how it all relates to the way our culture approaches these topics.     I’ll start out by … Continued

Perfect doesn’t work

When it comes to this whole healthy eating, nutrition, whole foods, real food thing, forget about striving for 100%. In fact, trying to do anything 100% usually makes someone pretty miserable. You are human and if you don't have flexibility, … Continued

Are you starving when you sit down to eat?

Do you forget to eat?  Do you go hours upon hours without eating and then suddenly realize you’re starving and must eat immediately?  Are you then at the whim of whatever you can get your hands on? It comes from a good … Continued