Is there anything lavender essential oil can't do?

I've adored lavender for years.  I bought it anytime I could, made eye masks with it, would rub the leaves between my fingers for a deep inhale, and have dreams of running through lavender fields in Provence.  One day.

Many people call Lavender the Swiss Army Knife of essential oils.  It's like the Windex in My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  If you have lavender essential oil on hand, you can pretty much conquer the world!

Lavender Essential Oil Fun Facts:

  • The word lavender comes from the Latin word Lavare, meaning "to wash." 
  • Lavender has been use for many reasons for centuries.  In ancient Greece it was commonly used for constipation, chest pain, and throat infections.  Romans used it in their cooking, bathing, to scent their baths, beds, clothes, and hair, as well as around the home for a calming aroma.  It was used in Arab medicine as an expectorant and antispasmodic.  In European Folk Medicine it was used as a would herb and work remedy for children.  It became popular as a medicine in the late middle ages and was brought to the New World by pilgrims in 1620. 
  • Both the flowers and the essential oil carry medicinal properties. 
  • Lavender essential oil is steam-distilled from the lavender flower. 
  • Lavender is in the mint family.
  • Lavender essential oil is fruity, floral, slightly sweet, and herbaceous.
  • Lavender is a perennial shrub that grows about 3 feet high.
  • While you can now find lavender growing as far north as Norway, its origin is in the Mediterranean, Middle East, and India. 
  • On average about 60 lbs of lavender flowers yields 16 oz of lavender essential oil. 

Therapeutic benefits of lavender essential oil:

(note: each of the following may occur and are not guaranteed benefits for every individual).

  • Supports a restful night
  • Supports hair regrowth
  • Aids in digestion
  • Soothes minor burns (in the kitchen and from the sun)
  • Freshens the air and laundry
  • Minimizes appearance of scars
  • Helps with seasonal sniffles
  • Soothes skin irritations
  • Calms and relaxes the mood
  • Eases muscle tension
  • Lessens pain with bee sting
  • Stops dandruff
  • Helps clear clogged milk duct
  • Reduces bruising
  • Calms teeth grinding
  • Reduces breakouts
  • Reduces pain from earache (never place oils inside your ear)

Ways you can use and apply lavender essential oil:

  • Include in cream or salve and rub on bottom of feet at bedtime, onto skin irritation, into sore and tired muscles.
  • Diffuse for relaxation and drifting off to dreamland.
  • Add a drop to your hands and deeply inhale through nose for relaxation.
  • Apply diluted to bridge of nose to support seasonal sniffles.
  • Massage on neck and temples with a carrier oil for head tension.
  • Add drops to a roller bottle and dilute with carrier oil to apply to temples, inside wrists, on bug bites, and more!
  • Add drops with witch hazel and water to a spray bottle and spray your pillow or bedroom before getting into bed. 

My personal successes with Lavender over the years:

  • Pregnancy Brain was in full effect when I opened our 500 degree oven and grabbed the handle of a pan without an oven-mitt!  HOLY EFF!!  The palm of my hand immediately blistered.  It was so incredibly painful.  I applied lavender essential oil mixed with some coconut oil to my hand every few hours and the next day it looked as if barely anything happened.  It healed beautifully. 
  • I apply a drop on one hand, rub my hands together, and take a big inhale to turn off my brain and go back to sleep after middle-of-the-night wake-ups with Zeke and my brain decides it's a good time to think about everything imaginable. 
  • I got my first bee sting this year at age 36! Thankfully, I keep a sample of essential oils on me at all times.  I quickly applied a drop of peppermint to cool the spot and then lavender to soothe.  I was fine within a minute of the bee sting.
  • I diffuse lavender regularly for relaxation and to support a restful night.
  • I often put a drop on a stuffed animal near Zeke's bed at night to support his rest.
  • It plays an important role in almost all of my homemade face and body-care products.  I love it in our peppermint-lavender hand soap!