What is a Holistic Wellness Coach?

This means I look at how all areas of your life impact your health. I take into account your diet, career, spirituality, relationships, exercise and much more when looking at your health and what you want to achieve. Just like all areas of your life impact your health, all parts of the body are interconnected as well. Whatever your health challenge, we will examine all systems in the body to get to the root cause.


What makes your approach unique?

Nothing I do is one-size-fits-all. The diet books that line the shelves of book stores claim that there is one approach that will make you feel and look exactly how you want by telling you to "do XYZ plan." What works for one person might not work for another, which is why I need to get to know you, your diet and health history, your tendencies, cravings, lifestyle, family life and much more. All of the work we do together will be 100% geared towards YOU and YOUR needs. I have learned dozens of the common dietary theories out there and I can pick and choose among them what I think will work for you. I take the guess-work out of it for you and we develop strategies together that work for you.


Who is your typical client?

I mostly work with women who are focused on achieving optimal weight, increasing energy, regulating hormonal imbalance, health and nutrition for preconception (that’s both mom and dad to be!), boosting immunity, improving digestion and generally feeling great in her body.  I adore my clients and have a blast joining them on this journey.


Do you accept insurance?

I am not a participating provider with any insurance plan. That being said, I can create an official invoice for you and you can submit through a Flexible Spending Account as an out-of-network expense. Another route clients have had luck with is by getting a written note from your doctor stating that he/she recommends that you see me for medical reasons. Both of these have worked in the past, but I can not guarantee you'll be reimbursed.


I've tried so many diets in the past.  How will I know this will work?

Ultimately, achieving your goals is in your hands, but I can tell you this: At each one of our sessions I will give you 2-3 recommendations based on where you are in your journey. If you follow these customized and realistic recommendations, you will be much better off when we finish our work together than you were when you started. I can also tell you that every one of my clients has achieved wonderful results and has the tools to approach his or her health with a sense of empowerment now. Click here to read more about client success stories.


Can you help me with budget-friendly, healthy options?

You have come to the right place!  I've scoured the internet, asked fellow health practitioners, posted questions on various online forums, etc to find the best products for the best price. I will share these budget-friendly tips with you. Eating healthy food and living a healthy lifestyle does not have to cost a fortune.


Can I schedule a free consultation before I decide if working together is right for me?

Of course! We need to be sure we work well together. I need to learn about your health history and what goals you'd like to meet and you need to jive with me.  Email me at deena@deenabarselah.com to set up your consult.