Top 10 Reasons to Prepare for Pregnancy

What was your diet like 90 days ago?

It takes 90 days for sperm to fully mature and for an egg to be viable (the cycle of an egg in preparation for ovulation is around 90 days), so at the very least, spending 3 months with optimal nutrition before trying to conceiving is a great idea.  The food we eat today nourishes sperm and eggs over the next 90 days.  So, if your diet wasn't so great 90 days ago, it's a great idea to take some time preparing for pregnancy.  I see 90 days as the least amount of time you'd want to devote.  It's hard to say what the perfect formula is because it depends on the state of your diet when you begin.  Someone on a standard American diet will need more time than someone who eats primarily whole and real foods, but wants to optimize for preparing for pregnancy.  

Here are my MAJOR TOP 10 REASONS YOU'LL WANT TO TAKE THE TIME TO PREPARE FOR PREGNANCY with optimal diet and lifestyle:

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1. Increase your chances of fertility.

Lower the risk of dealing with fertility issues when you try to conceive or increase your chances of fertility if you are already trying.  1 in 7 couples struggles with fertility today and that number is estimated to be 1 in 3 by 2020.  Most of these can be prevented or alleviated with proper diet and lifestyle choices. 


2. Going off the pill can make your body a little cookoo.

Going off the pill comes with a big hormonal swing and, potentially, not feeling well in the process.  Supporting the hormones through diet and lifestyle during this process makes it so much easier.


3. Learn when you are fertile.

Learn about your own cycles and hormone balance early so that you can detect if something is off before it becomes a problem.  Knowledge is empowerment.  So many couples have trouble conceiving because they don't know when the best time is to have sex.  It's pretty fundamental, but so common not to know.  You'll also learn so much more about your body and be able to educate your practitioner!


4. Create a healthy home.

Working on nutrition before conception helps you set the stage for a healthy home long term.  You are planting a seed in more ways than one.  


5. "Just one more piece of broccoli and you can have a cookie."

Significantly increase your chances of having a baby and child who enjoys healthy and real food.  Eating healthy food before and during pregnancy along with creating a healthy home will make it so much easier to avoid packaged mac & cheese and chicken nuggets or any food marketed to kids, for that matter.  This means everyone eats the same food, which translates to much less time in the kitchen.  But it must start early. 


6. What you eat now could prevent heart disease, diabetes and more for your child.

The Developmental Origins Theory tells us that the diet before conception (goes for men and women) is a major contributing factor to the long-term health of our children.  Reduce the chances of having a baby with an autoimmune disease, asthma, frequent colds and ear infections, food allergies and intolerances and so much more we see today.


7. Builds a partnership.

When both parents to-be do this together, besides the obvious nutritional benefit, it's a wonderful way to build a foundation for a healthy home and partnership when it comes to food.  Being on a similar page on this topic makes life so much easier.


8. You'll save money.

Reduce your cost long-term.  We know that the money we spend to treat things is always more than the money to prevent.  Fertility treatments, medication for children, ongoing doctors appointments... all of these are expensive and, often, invasive.  Invest now in your and your baby's health and save your money down the road.


9. Feel better during pregnancy!

Feel better during pregnancy!  An optimal diet leading up to pregnancy has shown to drastically reduce nausea, fatigue and other undesirable feelings during early pregnancy and throughout.  


10. Let's face it... you probably won't be craving greens during your 1st trimester.

Even the healthiest women with an extremely optimal diet don't feel like superwoman during their first trimester.  So much is changing, hormones are moving through your body big time and, at the very least, you'll be more tired.  You might not be craving the healthiest foods during this time and so setting the stage beforehand is a great idea.  You can feel much better about your food choices if you know you've given yourself a great foundation before pregnancy.


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